About Us

Pure Dixie was created out of a unique idea to allow every woman to be uniquely beautiful.  The line of products started with an embroidered leather belt that Kirby gave Dixie as a Christmas present with the University of Wyoming bucking horse on it!  From there, they turned their custom embroidery business into Dixie’s real passion of creating unique and one of a kind belts.  The revelation of a belt becoming a purse strap hit them both when they were showing their lot of belts to a friend and she threw one of the wide belts over her shoulder as she was digging through their loot!  Soon after, the Dixie Fix was born with the combination of belt, bag, and mini. 

Both Dixie and Kirby grew up outside of small towns in Wyoming.  They were married in 2005 where they started their life together on The Berger Ranch in Saratoga.  They still live in and love the Platte Valley, though this adventure has taken them to many new places to meet with many incredible people.

Today, Kirby and Dixie run the business together.  They give God the credit for the gifts and favor that He has given them to combine their talents to design each unique piece and continue to grow the Pure Dixie brand and company.  A husband and wife business may not be for everyone, but these two couldn’t image doing it any other way.  They also encourage other couples to use their gifts and abilities to support and compliment each other’s dreams.

In addition to Pure Dixie, Kirby is a licensed real estate agent in Wyoming and specializes in selling ranches with Swan Land Company.  Together, they are raising 3 uniquely gifted and passionate kids.  The kids work in the business whenever possible, and are learning the trades of leather tooling, sewing and construction through their own desires to make things for themselves and sell at local craft fairs.

Pure Dixie is a company all its own; purely distinct.  The desire of the company, Kirby and Dixie and the Pure Dixie team is to also give each customer the opportunity to be purely distinct!


Contact:  service@puredixie.com