Entrepreneur Barbie

Entrepreneur Barbie

I have not always seen Dixie as Entrepreneur Barbie (maybe just Barbie).  Dixie hates that I call her this, but I told her it's my story and that is what she is to me!  I met a man once who gave me insight into what I had and who she could really become…

There are several stories that are little pieces that have led us to where we are as a couple and as a business.  This one took place in 2017.  We had just started out with the concept of the belt becoming the purse strap, and the mini attaching to the front of the handbag.  I had one simple display that I had built consisting of three 2x4's that bolted together to hang bags and belts.  These boards strapped to the top of our '08 suburban and literally, everything else we owned in the business, including all the inventory, fit inside the vehicle.  In September, we drove to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   We went to the Western Design Conference, complete with a fashion show, jury competition with big cash awards, and some of the most amazing pieces of art you would ever see in one place!  

We did the show for 2 years and decided it was not worth the investment to go back.  But what we did gain from it was an encounter with a man that took interest in us, gave us some wisdom, and we have since lost contact with him.  Ronnie was (and maybe still is) a business owner in Jackson.  At the time he told us he was paying over $10,000/month in rent for a down town shop, so he had to know how to sell and make a lot of money over the years.  He was a fellow Christian and we prayed together in a back corner of the show one day.  I can't honestly remember what we prayed about, but most likely it was for guidance in our business because that is typically what we ask for when given the opportunity.

BUT, there is one thing that I distinctly remember him saying to me and it was a defining moment in our lives together and I will never forget what he said:  He started by asking me (not Dixie), "Do you know what your most valuable asset is?"

I wanted to sound smart so instead of answering an honest 'no', I think I said, 'my time'.  

He immediately corrected me, 'no- she is.'  Referring to Dixie. I am not sure if she was standing there or not.  He went on to tell me about his wife, Sherrie I believe, who was a designer and model for her own jewelry business.  

You see, Ronnie had spent years in retail, many years selling goods and making money and he recognized this same desire and spirit in Dixie.  He could also recognize someone who had a great talent to be in the business of design and merchandising.  Someone, maybe like his wife, or other people he had met that were gifted to be in the industry and be very successful at it.  He assuredly could recognize that I had no idea someone like that was right in front of my face!  I had almost no experience in the industry, I thought Dixie was passionate about what she was doing and good at it, and she was also determined and could accomplish anything, but at that time, I did not see what he saw, and I really couldn't have known what he knew.

I am forever grateful for his words, his recognition of my ignorance, and his courage to enlighten me.  At that time, when Pure Dixie was very new, I was not really part of it in a very big way.  I tried to be supportive, I did my best to build a convenient and sturdy display and get Dixie to and from the shows she wanted to be in.  These things are still a big part of what I do, but Ronnie's words helped me to become more aware and more invested in what Dixie was doing, and now what WE do.  I started to see her differently, and see the business differently.

Now, I see what he saw 7 years ago. I see the person that is beyond gifted in design, styling people, and truly loving her customers.  Dixie was made to be in this time and place and do what she is doing.  I have found that I have very different gifts that compliment what we are doing together, and knowing how she really is my 'most valuable asset' has made it easy for me to spend the time, be invested and use what God has given me to support her calling!

People are the most important thing to us.  We know where we have been gifted and where we lack!  In God's grace, he has given us some of the most incredible people to fill in those holes.  Dixie is my Entrepreneur Barbie, my most valuable asset (in more ways than one), and I am so thankful for Ronnie and everyone else that God has put in our path in this journey!

- Kirby Berger

Dixie at our booth, Western Design Conference, Jackson Hole, WY 2017

Our entire business fit in the back of our Suburban!

Handbag Display at the Western Design Conference

Entrepreneur Barbie in our warehouse in Saratoga, WY

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