The Concho

The Concho

I cannot count how many times we have had an issue that seems overwhelming and we have had to just put our head down and work through it. I'm sure any other small business owners can relate.  I am recalling one very specific time that we were faced with one of those dilemmas that could have had a very massive impact on our design and products.  Our concept is based on functionality as well as style.  One such function started out great but then, WE HAD A PROBLEM.  This very important function was the belt attaching to our handbags as a decorative strap.   


The attachment started out great, but one day we started to have issues with the D-ring working its way through the slot in the leather belt.  This happened as the leather on the belts was softening up.  This is great for a comfortable belt, but not for something strong enough to carry the weight of a large handbag!  The leather tongue was pulling through the hole, and the strap was malfunctioning.  We tried a couple things like adding a layer of leather.  This sort of helped, but it made it bulky and hard to fasten.  Then, the problems started to increase.  It was one thing to have a couple issues, but as they problem persisted, the fear of a make or break problem did as well.  I remember thinking, ‘are we going to have to recall all these belts?’, ‘are we going to have to remake all the ones we still have?’, ‘where did we go wrong?’, ‘what is it going to take to fix this?’.


Along with that was the idea to completely redesign the end of the belt with the slots.  They had to be stronger.  We thought of making them much thicker, but then the D-ring wouldn't go through.  We thought of making them out of metal or even some kind of chain, but that would just add bulk and weight, neither of which would serve our customer well.  Then we were faced with the idea of redoing everything we had made, a whole new function, changing everything, worst case scenario, followed by worst case scenario.  THEN…it hit us, let's PRAY about it!


To let you know, we have prayed about a lot of things.  Some have been answered in minutes, some days, some years, and some still unanswered.  Some answered how we want, some not.  I wish all were answered like our prayer of what to do with the belt leather problem!  We sat quietly for less than 5 minutes and the vision came to me.  A one slotted concho!  I know exactly where I was when God answered this prayer.  Downstairs in our current house when the business, work table, computer, leather, racks and all the inventory we owned barely filled two rooms.  Dixie and I were sitting in two chairs next to the desk when the idea came.  I wasn’t sure at first.  I picked up a belt and bag and imagined how it would work and how it would look.

Then, I went out to the shop and made a prototype with a hole saw, drill and an angle grinder.  I brought it back to the house, and…it worked!  The SOLUTION to our problem, born entirely from quieting down, realizing we needed guidance, and bringing it to the LORD in prayer.  It was a marvelously simple fix!  We ended up not having to recall, redesign, or change one single belt.  We would just make this simple (and stylish) silver concho that would solve this problem forever.  


Now, when you buy one of our Dixie Fixes (belt, bag, and mini) you get a concho for free.  You can also purchase a concho separately if you want.  


For most, it is a simple thing that the average person wouldn't give a second thought to.  It adds a bit of bling to the bag, it takes no skill to attach, and it keeps your D-ring from pulling through your belt, no matter how soft the leather may get.  For us, it is a reminder to take time a minute (lots of minutes, hours, days)  and ask God for guidance in everything we do.  I always think of the quick, simple, and incredible answer to prayer that this round, one slotted piece of metal is- and we simply call it the concho!


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

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