Why Palm Leaf fashion fedora?

Why Palm Leaf fashion fedora?

Palm leaf fashion hats- Why we use them, why you’ll love them!

Just as the palm trees are great for shade, also our hats help protect your skin from damaging rays.
Palm leaf hats are unique in the way they are made and what they are made out of.  As they name implies, they are made from palm leaves.  These leaves are then braided into long strips and sewn in a circular pattern to make the hat.  This way of making the hat compared to a woven style hat makes the palm leaf much more forgiving.

Palm leaf hats are more forgiving when they are worn, removed, smashed or even sat on.  Woven style hats have what I call the ‘scrunch once and done’ complex.  Sit on it, set something on it, step on it, and it’s done.  The fibers will break and you can’t reshape it back to its original glory.  Palm leaf hats, on the other hand, are much more forgiving.  If you do have a mishap of knocking it down in your closet or accidentally setting something heavy on it, even step on it chances are it will flex, bend and then spring back to the original shape.

This is not an excuse to abuse your hat.  If you follow these simple rules of handling and storing, your hat will last for years. 

1.  Avoid storing a hat in a hot car.  This is detrimental to any hat, straw, palm leaf, or felt.
2. Hang your hat up.  Probably the best way to store any hat is by hanging it on a hook with the front facing down.
3.  If you must set it down:  Set it upside down with the crown on the table.  OR set it brim side down with the front of the brim extending off the edge of the table.  Probably the worst way to lay a hat is with the brim down on a completely flat surface.  This will inevitably distort the brim if done for a long period of time. 

So grab one of our palm leaf fashion fedoras and protect your skin this summer!

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