Cactus Skirt from bed sheets

Cactus Skirt from bed sheets

I just wanted to share a little about my style and how some of the tips might work for you too.  Get to know me: First, I'm a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful kids.  Not only am I at home, I live in a very remote area of WY with my husband on a working cattle ranch.  Since our area is so remote it has allowed me to become more creative in making and designing leather accessories and helping me know where I really want to put my money.  I love to put my money into items that I can pass onto my children.  Therefore, I will put more money into my accessories then I will my apparel. 

I am a woman that believes everyone is beautifully & wonderfully made and we are all unique in our style.  I'm not here to change your style or tell you that mine style is better.  My hope is the tips I give will help YOUR style continue to evolve and of course...SAVE $$$!

With all that information about me, it leads me to talk about a recent skirt I made from cactus printed bed sheets (found at JcPenny for $25 on sale).

I fell in love with the beautiful print and since I don't live near lots of shopping, I decided I was going to make a skirt.  Also...since I'm in a remote area, I had nowhere to buy a pattern in a short time frame.  I found a skirt in my closet that would help give me the shape and length I wanted.  I started cutting and sewing and eventually made this skirt.  I do recommend buying a pattern if you don't have any experience with sewing.   The pattern will tell you how much material to buy and what you need along with directions.  My favorite patterns are the ones that say EASY on the front.  :)  You can also buy the material and have a seamstress make it for you. 

To complete the look, I added a white t shirt.  Now, here's my tip:

      TIP:  Buy cheap clothing and spend your money on accessories!!!

I bought the t-shirt at Walmart for $2.86.  The skirt cost me $25 dollars in material.  I don't think you have to buy really expensive clothing to get an expensive look.  Yes, if I fall in love with a beautiful piece of clothing I might spend more money on it, but overall....I don't spend very much money on clothing. 

AcCeSsoRies!!!!  I truly love to spend my money on accessories.  In the picture you can see I have a beautiful leather purse in hand and a stunning turquoise necklace.  I love to spend my money on pieces that I can hand down to my daughter someday.  Pretty sure I’m not going to hand down a pit stained white T, but I will hand down a turquoise necklace and leather handbag.  The accessories make the outfit complete.  Let's face it...if you are like me, you like to wear something for awhile and then you get sick of it.  Money wasted for everyday apparel. 

So, my very favorite fashion tip is ‘buy cheap clothing and spend your money on accessories’ which is the bases for all my fashion choices.  I hope you enjoy shopping for accessories with this tip in mind!

Remember, "fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it."


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