Leather is a great shock absorber- Protect your cell phone with it.

Leather is a great shock absorber- Protect your cell phone with it.

How protected is your cell phone?  Are you reading this (or have you ever tried to read something) through a broken cell phone screen?   Cell phone companies offer protection plans, but do you have a protection plan of your own?   Are you doing things that protect your phone or relying on insurance in case you don't?

Here are 3 mistakes most people make not taking care of their phone, and they are costly:

1.  Sitting on your phone:  Do you carry your phone in your back pocket?  It may not seem like a bad idea to carry it back there and it works just fine right up until it doesn't.  Then you sit on it, drop it in a toilet or it falls out somewhere.  I was just reading a survey report that said nearly 1 in 5 people have dropped their phone in a toilet.  Have fun fishing that one out.  

2.  Dropping your phone:  This can happen several ways, but not having good way to carry it will result in dropping it and most likely cracking the screen.  If your big bag tips over, there is nothing to keep it from sliding out and making the tumble from the table top to the tile. 

3.  Losing it:  Bathrooms are not just a great place to drop a phone in the bowl, but also a great place to leave them behind.  Have you ever sat it on the toilet paper dispenser, on the counter washing your hands?  If you ever have trouble finding your phone, there is a better chance that you will leave it behind somewhere.  And if its a nice phone, you may never see it again.  

You could pay for a nice purse to carry it in but what is that going to cost?  The better question is, what is it going to cost you if you don't carry it in a good place?  A lot of us don't pay full price for a phone because the phone plan discounts the cost.  Did you know the new iphone X retails for $999?  Repair costs range anywhere from $250 up to $600.  And that does include losing your contacts.  What is the cost of that?

Our leather minis are a great protection plan for your phone.  Leather is a great shock absorber, much better than plastic.  Our minis have a pocket made specifically for your phone that will not let is slide out no matter how much you tip it.  Carrying it on your shoulder will not allow you to sit on it and always having a designated place means you will always know where it is at.  Not only that, the mini has a place for cash, cards plus zipper pocket and an additional inside pocket that means it is the only purse you will need to carry in a lot of places.  AND, it conveniently attaches to the front of our larger bags so that you can carry as much as you need but you won't have to dig through all of it because it is located (and protected) handily on the outside of your bag!  Go to puredixie.com and check out our crossbody mini page!

Too often we ask ourselves 'can I afford to spend the money on that?' and forget to ask 'can I afford NOT to have that?'

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