4 Reasons to Choose Wide Belts!

4 Reasons to Choose Wide Belts!

4 Reasons Why Women Are Choosing the 3" Wide, Over-the-Pants-Belt

The summer season is here.  Which for a lot of women is exciting to be able to put on some accessories that wont be covered up by a coat!  If last year's belt wont do this year, then consider the following when shopping for a new one.  We went with the 3" over-the-pants belt for our customers:

1.  Show your style:  Right off the top, if you buy a 3" belt instead of a 1.5", you are getting double for your money!  The design and colors are much more noticeable, because there is twice as much to show off!  It has allowed us to offer more detailed and striking designs on our belts.

2.  Wear it where you like:  With the over-the-pants belt, you get to choose where you wear.  Low on the hips, right at the waist line, even higher up you center line when wearing a dress can be a great way to wear it.  The old style of women's belt has one location: wherever your belt loops are at!

3.  NO back side gap:  The reason we put a 45 degree fastener on our belts is to make them lay flat against your back when they wrap around.  Your body isn't a perfect cylinder, and your belt shouldn't fit as if you it is.  Other wide belts, and even the 1.5" belts will 'gap' in the middle of your back....ours will not.  They lay flat all the way around by design.  

4.  Holding your pants up (that is what your butt is for):  The old narrow belts were initially used for holding up your pants.  Now that jeans fit better, this is less likely the case.  Plus, who wants to spend money on a belt only to have it covered up by loops?

The over-the-pants belt is not a new concept, it is the way that concho belts have been worn for decades.  However, the lighter, decorated, leather belts have been limited in availability in the old 1.5" run-em-through-the belt-loops style belt until recent years. So if you haven't already, consider the benefits of the over-the-pants belt!
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