4 Reasons CFD is Purely Distinct

4 Reasons CFD is Purely Distinct

What makes Cheyenne Frontier Days Purely Distinct?
Our new slogan for Pure Dixie is ‘Purely Distinct’.  We have given a lot of thought to why we are in business, and realize that we are Purely Distinct. Different.  We have been set apart.  So, we have decided to identify other things that we consider to be Purely Distinct.
Cheyenne Frontier Days has some attributes that makes it different from other things you might experience.  These things are only available for 10 days (July 19th-28th to be exact).  So if you live in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, or South Dakota, it would be well worth the drive to take it in!

4 things that make CFD purely distinct:
1.  The Concerts!  I have looked at lineups for other area entertainment this summer, and to be nice…they don’t come close!  This year’s concerts are include: Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, Josh Turner, Keith Urban and Tim McGraw.  Click below to see some of the opening bands and full list of ticket and package options!
2.  The Rodeos.  CFD has done some things and worked hard to make their rodeo unlike any other.  They are one of the first to introduce ladies breakaway in a PRCA rodeo.  For the first time in history, women have a second event in the Pro Rodeos!  Not to mention one of the wildest, fast paced rodeos anywhere in the world!  With wild horse race and other events you will seldom see at a rodeo.

3.  The Indian Village:  I am unaware of anywhere else this even exists.  Real and genuine Native American dancers, musicians, entertainers, and vendors available to see the splendor of their culture with No cost of admission!  Regular showings daily make a great event to stop and see before or after you take in a rodeo or night concert!

4.  The Trade show:  If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, this is definitely a place to plan some time to shop at the CFD tradeshow.  The exhibitors are in the hundreds, anything from tack, hats, boots, toys, jewelry, western décor, clothing, to maybe our personal favorite, leather accessories!  You can find all at CFD and you can find US under the grandstands!  We have a new location and a BIGGER booth!  Come see our new leather colors, hat colors and our newest innovations in leather accessories!
We have been to places where the reflection of Western culture are fading out.  But Cheyenne Frontier Days is overflowing with the excitement and pride of what the west once was.  There are way too many things to list here, so go to the website and check out everything else CFD has to offer! https://www.cfdrodeo.com/events-schedule/

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